Bextra Bale Feeder

Everybody loves the convenience of feeding large round bales,

but everybody hates the waste and the mess.

Coldwater Implement: The Bextra Bale Feeder


The Bextra Bale Feeder (patent pending) was designed by Trevor Lienemann, owner and operator of Lienemann Cattle Company. After multiple years of development and field trials, LMP is now ready to introduce the new Bextra Bale Feeder. Hay savings are up to 70% over conventional feeders and consistent with more costly and cumbersome cone feeders.


Bextra $$

  • Bottom and Balanced feeding equals Extra hay dollar savings and profit to the producer
    • Bottom + Balanced = Extra $$
    • Cattle eat from the bottom of the feeder in their natural grazing position
    • Indented uprights balance the bale in the middle for minimal waste
  • Maximize your feed dollars by minimizing your feed loss and equipment cost
  • Convenience for all feeding applications
    • No loader equipment required
    • Feeds square, round or loose hay
  • Concept engineered, designed, and manufactured for long product life
    • No need for cattle to push on feeder
    • Cylindrical angles create durability
  • Great for adult and young cattle
    • Calves do not climb in the feeder
  • Performs like a cone feeder, with less cost and product maintenance

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